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This is Ohio -- If you don't have brewski in your hand, you might as well be wearing a dress.
-- Christian Slater in Heathers

I used to live in Ohio, and yet I can't think of many breweries there. What little I do know is turning this into one of the more eccentric pages in

The MidWest Beer Guide contains other useful information about breweries in the Ohio and other midwestern states.

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Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

The first four digits of the code stamps on Schoenling's beer bottles are a bottling date, Julian format, year leading. Schoenling's product portfolio include Little Kings Cream Ale, Christian Moerlein's Cincinnati Select, Mt Everest malt liquor, and the Hudy line of beers.

Schoenling has agreed to sell its brewery to The Boston Beer Company while remaining as indepently-operated company. I don't know if this will change the Schoenling production codes.

The Maumee Bay Brewing Company
(Toledo, Ohio)

The Maumee Bay Brewing Company is more a brewpub than a microbrewery; they don't bottle their beers per se; if you order a beer to go, they pour it in a large bottle, cap it, and wrap some plastic around the top. Although the bottles never list a product date, Maumee Bay recommends drinking the beer within two weeks of purchase.

This entry really isn't necessary (after all, if you've got the beer in your refrigerator, you've probably heard the waitress' speech yourself), but I like Maumee Bay's brewpub, so I thought I'd throw them into the mix anyway.

Presidential Bottlers, Inc.
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Presidential actually pays Pittsburgh Brewing to make and bottle Billary Beer, so Billary uses the Pittsburgh Brewing Company canning date system.

World Homebrew Contest™
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

The winning beers of this annual contest (sold as LongShot™ beer) are brewed at a Schoenling brewery under the supervision of The Boston Beer Company. In 1997, some of the bottles had expiration dates stamped on the shoulder (for example, BEST BY DEC01) and others had Schoenling's bottling dates on them. Hopefully later years will have a more consistent system now that The Boston Beer Company is buying the Schoenling brewery.

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